The Triple Threat is Dead; Long Live the Quadruple Threat!



​The quadruple threat isn't new to Broadway / the musical theatre. The John Doyle-directed Sweeney Todd had them in 2005, as did the Raúl Esparza-led Company in 2006, and more recently the Roundabout Theatre Company's Cabaret had a live, onstage Kit Kat Klub band in 2014. There are certainly other and earlier examples, however with the recent announcement of Beautiful: The Carole King Musical heading our way (thanks to Michael Cassel), and other recent shows on Australian shores, this appears to be a trend that should be of interest to Australian performers. But what actually is a quadruple threat?

Before we answer that question, let's brush up on the definition of a triple threat. In the sporting world a footballer is a triple threat if they're good at passing, kicking, and running. In the theatre a triple threat is a performer who can sing, dance, and act equally well across all three skill areas, possibly with only slight preference to any particular one. A quadruple threat adds one further skill - the ability to play a musical instrument.

Justin Timberlake has it. Jennifer Lopez has it. In Hollywood it’s all about the triple threat: the entertainer who can sing, dance, and act. When it comes to dating, if there’s a triple threat girl, she’s smart, cute, and kind. For me, I’d add has a good sense of humor, and call her the quadruple threat girl. Or to some, the bad ass chic (BAC).


Over lunch, my friend Chloe tells me her latest dating predicament, going on date after date with the wrong women.  She describes the challenge is not in meeting women, but in meeting women that are her type. As I shake my head I disbelief as she shares her stories of dates gone seriously awry, it occurs to me that her type is very specific, as I suspect everyone’s type is. As a visual person, I imagine the dating pool grouped into subcategories that make up a URL.  I fantasize that the quadruple threat URL /smart/cute/kind/humorous will lead me to the right girl, my right, forever love.


 I tell Chloe as much as we clink our glasses to toast. She takes a drink and tells me that her quadruple threat lesbian is far more specific: /femmy/smart/kind/audacious/ 


I nod, pursing my lips together, raise one eyebrow and tell her, “Impressive,”  


She tilts her head toward me to indicate it’s my turn. I sigh and answer with my more specific URL,

/athletic/emotionally available/funny/sweet

There are certain accomplishments so rare, so difficult to achieve, that the possibility of accomplishing them seems as remote as Sarah Palin voting for a Democrat.

In baseball, only 18 pitchers in the modern era have thrown a perfect game. In horse racing, only 11 thoroughbreds have won the Triple Crown. And in show business, only 12 performers can claim the EGOT.

EGOT stands for Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony — entertainment’s four major awards. And this awards season, Justin Timberlake is the only star primed to make a serious play at scoring all four thanks to his supporting turn in “The Social Network.”



This woman is the only basketball player ever who has recorded a Quintuple-Double:

The only known quintuple-double has occurred at the girls' high school level when Tamika Catchings of Duncanville High School (Duncanville, Texas) recorded 25 points, 18 rebounds, 11 assists, 10 steals and 10 blocks in 1997. Making the feat even more impressive is the fact that high school games are played with 8-minute quarters—20% less playing time than a FIBA, NCAA, or WNBA game, and a third less than an NBA game.

My question is: Will it ever happen in NBA? I think the only guy that could that is LeBron. Btw Hakeem was close vs Warriors in 1990, when he had: 29 points, 18 rebounds, 10 assists, 5 steals, 11 blocks. But couldnt do it tho.

What is the closest anybody has gotten to a Quintuple double? (

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5x10 stats line

I know its never been done but whats the closest 

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Hakeem. Shout out to Andrei Kirilenko though.